Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games Market Development Plan 27 officially launched in Beijing. This marks the Olympic Games, the world’s most attractive market development platform after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games once again settled in China.
At the launching ceremony, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Committee, the Beijing Olympic Winter Committee Chairman Guo Jinlong, the International Olympic Committee Vice Chairman Yu Zaqing and the International Olympic Committee Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Coordination Committee Chairman Alexander R Kofu, the three of each holding a “snow” into the snow-capped mountains model start device, the scene on the big screen immediately appeared on the snow-capped mountains and rising sun, indicates the winter Olympic market development prospects.
Guo Jinlong said in his speech that Beijing is the first city in the world to host the Summer Olympics and will host the Winter Olympics. Its market development is distinctive and has great potential. Beijing Olympic Winter Games and Winter Paralympic Games market development will actively innovate the mechanism, extensive absorption of social capital and social forces to participate in the preparatory work to provide adequate funding and service support for Chinese enterprises to enhance the strength to the world to provide an effective way to make the domestic Foreign companies to fully enjoy the Olympic Games brand to bring the broad benefits and returns.
On the same day, according to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee of Finance and Market Development Minister Pu Xuedong, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games market development plan by the sponsorship plan, franchise plans and ticketing program composed of three parts.
The sponsorship program will sponsor companies to set up four levels of official partners, official sponsors, official exclusive suppliers, and official suppliers. Among them, the official partner collection is about to start, the second level of sponsorship business recruitment will start next year, after the two levels of solicitation will be launched in 2019. The corresponding return on the benefits of the sponsor enterprise mainly includes marketing right, reception right, right of product and service provision.
Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee will take open, targeted and case three ways to solicit sponsorship. Selection criteria will be mainly through the enterprise qualification, sponsorship quotes, product and service support capabilities, brand influence and marketing ability to consider several aspects.
Park said that the franchise plan includes licensed merchandise plan, commemorative coin / banknotes and commemorative stamp plans, mainly badges and medals, clothing and accessories, stationery, toys, handicrafts, gemstones, sporting goods and other categories. The program will be officially launched in 2018.
In addition, the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee will also develop and implement the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Ticket Plan, through the scientific ticket sales and promotion programs, youth education programs, family planning program to stimulate public opinion Passionate match.

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